Dutch Land Registry: How Blockchain And AI Could Benefit The Real Estate Industry

Work in the Netherlands could put blockchain and artificial intelligence technology at the forefront of the Dutch real estate industry.

On Thursday, local tech news outlet Computable reported that the Dutch Land Registry, or Kadaster, is looking to incorporate blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the real estate industry.

According to enterprise architect Koen Huisstede, the agency is researching how blockchain and AI will operate in the scope of real estate, and predicts that an operational blockchain platform will be developed in the next “one to three years.”

Kadaster is tasked with managing the ownership of property, mortgage rights, and all external data associated with the national property market. It hopes these new technologies can help improve the technical, legal, and governance aspects of tasks under its purview, as well as create a more “flexible and agile organization and processes,” according to the report.

Specifically, Huisstede said, the registry wishes to implement AI to create “cognitive systems to make predictable models,” while blockchain technology will most likely be used for the management of data.

The country is no stranger to blockchain technology. As far back as November of 2016, ETHNews reported that 16 public and private Dutch companies had come together in a consortium to explore how it could be used in the field of logistics. In April of this year, the Dutch government partnered with the United Nations to explore the potential this technology has in the legal field.

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source : www.ethnews.com