Denmark Is The Latest Country To Join The European Union Blockchain Partnership

Denmark joins 22 EU countries in hopes of using blockchain technology to solve problems in the logistics field.

On Tuesday, Danish outlet FinansWatch reported that Denmark’s business minister, Brian Mikkelsen, signed a declaration stating that Denmark is joining 22 European Union (EU) member states that support blockchain technology and seek to create a common European infrastructure.

The EU formed the blockchain partnership on April 10 of this year. It includes companies such as FedEx, Uber Freight, and Bridgestone. The partnership is intended to bring different nations and companies together to develop blockchain technology, ultimately creating a “digitally strong EU.”

Mikkelsen stated that Denmark has researched the benefits of blockchain technology in the past, and that it will be the first country in the world to use blockchain technology to register ships in its national registry. Mikkelsen also highlighted how blockchain technology allows for the secure storage of important data, adding:

“Blockchain runs across national borders and a common European cooperation is crucial for future-proof standards and solutions. I am therefore very pleased that we have now signed the declaration.” 

The report also states that Denmark’s Disruption Council is looking into how blockchain technology can benefit the business sector

The use of blockchain technology in the logistics field has been getting a lot of attention lately. Just yesterday Abu Dhabi Ports announced the launch of its blockchain, Silsal. On May 25, ETHNews reported that Norfolk Southern, one of the biggest logistics companies in the US, had joined with the EU to help set blockchain standards and develop solutions in the logistics field. 

source : www.ethnews.com